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Machine Readable Passports (MRPs)

  • Passport is a valuable document. It should always remain in self-custody or in the custody of a person duly authorized by the passport holder/legal guardian of the passport holder. If lost or severely damaged, the fact and circumstances should immediately be reported to the local police authority and to the nearest Bangladesh Embassy.
  • The Bangladesh Permanent Mission in Geneva has started to enroll Bangladeshi citizens living in Switzerland for Machine Readable Passport (MRP). Bangladeshi passport holders are requested to replace their existing hand-written passports with Machine Readable Passport (MRP), keeping in mind that hand-written passports have already phased out globally and may not be acceptable to many countries for travelling.
  • All payments must be made to the Mission’s Consular Section Account mentioned above. Please note that an additional amount of 6 CHF may be required for obtaining an IBRN (interim birth registration number).
  • An MRP contains 48 pages and shall remain valid for 5 (five) years. At the end of the validity a new MRP needs to be obtained.
  • Please note that the guidelines provided in this page are indicative. The Permanent Mission reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage for scrutiny before rendering any service.

Application procedure:

  • To apply for MRP, the applicant must come in person (physically be present at the Mission) and submit duly completed application form(s).
  • Application form must be filled in fully, legibly and accurately, typed or filled in Capital letters. The form must be signed at all indicated places. Incomplete application may delay processing.
  • A passport-size photo should be appended on the application form (one with each application form). If the applicant is a child under the age of 15, parents’ photos are required to be appended on the application form. In certain cases, photo of either of the parents will be accepted.

Document checklist for a successful application:

  • i) Duly filled-in 04 (four) pages application form in English (Block/capital letters)
  • ii) One copy of recent photograph (size 2”x2”)
  • iii) Copy of previous Bangladesh Passport (pages 1-5 for MRP and pages 1-7 for hand written passports)
  • iv) Copy of 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN) as contained in their national birth registration
  • v) Payment receipt of applicable fees through UBS Bank.

Interim Birth Registration Number (IBRN):

  • Please note that for obtaining MRP, the possession of National ID Card (NID) or Birth Registration Number (BRN) is mandatory. Applicant, who does not have any of the BRN or NID, will need to obtain an ‘interim’ Birth Registration Number (IBRN) from the Mission.
  • Applicant requiring an IBRN will need to submit one additional copy of the recent photograph per application. An additional and non-refundable amount of 6 CHF will be charged for IBRN.
  • The IBRN is issued only for the purpose of MRP, and is not valid for any other purpose.

Requirement for the IBRN –

  • Child’s Birth Certificate issued by local authorities (where parents name and details are included)
  • Either of the Parent’s Bangladeshi Passport
  • Filled in IBR Application form
  • Two (02) passport size photographs

Submission of application:

  • During the submission of the duly filled-in application for MRP, digital photograph, thumb impression and a digital signature of the applicant will be recorded at the bio-enrolment booth.
  • The applicant must bring his/her existing passport during the time of submission of application.
  • Applicant must carefully read the details recorded at the bio-enrolment booth and give consent by signing the output form. Copy of the output form will constitute delivery slip and should carefully be preserved and submitted for collection of the passport.
  • Average processing time at the Department of Passport (DIP) in Dhaka for urgent and ordinary passports is 15 days and 30 days respectively. However, this is only indicative and the processing time in reality may be more.
  • Students are entitled to get MRP at a concessional rate. It is mandatory to provide valid student ID and submit a copy of it along with the application for claiming consession; otherwise a student applicant will be required to pay regular fees
  • In case a student does not have a valid student ID, then a letter from their school/institution can also be accepted where the reference number on the letter can be used in the ID field/button of MRP programme/software.

Collection of MRP:

  • Applicants need to contact the Permanent Mission over telephone for confirmation of arrival of passports from Dhaka. Upon receipt of confirmation, the applicant will have to come to the High Commission in person along with his or her old Bangladesh Passport and the MRP delivery slip.
  • After presenting the MRP delivery slip and the old passport to the counter/relevant consular assistant, the new MRP will be handed over along with the old passport (with observation or cancellation seal). The applicant must sign an acknowledgement of receipt to obtain the MRP.

Different situations:

  • New Passport against a lost passport
  • Physical presence of the applicant for an appointed interview
  • Filled-in passport application form
  • Follow the steps for MRP
  • New Passport for Child
  • Child’s birth certificate issued by local authority
  • Either of the Parents’ Bangladeshi passport
  • Follow the steps of MRP
  • Travel Permit:
  • The Embassy will issue one-way travel permit (with three months validity) to those Bangladeshi Nationals who have lost their passports and want to return to Bangladesh. The applicant must appear before the Consular Officer for interview, has to fill in a prescribed form and submit it with four (04) photographs.