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Welcome message

Dear viewers,
Welcome to the web site of the Bangladesh Embassy and Permanent Mission in Geneva, Switzerland. Hope this website, lately reconstructed, shall help you stay updated on functions of the Embassy as well as on the activities of the Permanent Mission. This site is intended primarily to provide important and helpful public information to be disseminated for our valued members of the Diaspora in Switzerland and elsewhere from time to time. It lists contact points for various services that the Embassy provides along with various organizations that the Permanent Mission represents. It also makes available various consular forms for downloading, along with relevant instructions required by Bangladeshi nationals in Switzerland as well as Swiss nationals who wish to travel to Bangladesh.

The site also attempts to provide links to other sites, both government and non-government, which provide additional information on Bangladesh. We hope that everyone visiting this site will find it useful and helpful.

We welcome thoughtful ideas and feedbacks for its further improvement.
Thanks again for taking the time to visit our site.