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About the Mission

The Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the UN Offices and other International Organizations, Geneva has been entrusted to carry out its responsibilities with regard to representation in different UN and international organizations based in Geneva. The Mission covers bilateral relations with Switzerland and the Holy See as well. The Mission works and covers a wide range of areas including Human Rights, Migration, Health, Labour, Trade, Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction and Disarmament among others. The Permanent Mission, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government ministries, represents Bangladesh in negotiations that take place at the United Nations in Geneva, ensuring that Bangladesh's interests and views are taken into account by UN bodies and the other member states. OHCHR, GFMD, CRC, ILO, IPU, UNISDR, ICRC, WHO, UNCTAD, WTO, WIPO, TRIPS, ITU, UPU, GCERF are some of the organizations/initiatives that the Mission closely work with.